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Staying at the Chateau Lacombe means that you are at the center of all the action that Edmonton has to offer. If you have never heard of Northlands, you are about to find out now about this wondrous place that is just a 10-minute drive away from the Chateau Lacombe.

Known to organized enormous events that provide endless fun for anyone of any age, Northlands has several facilities in the vicinity including the Edmonton Expo Centre. Here are some famed events that are hosted at Northlands facilities:

  • Farmfair International - as the top agricultural shows in Canada, the Farmfair International even held by Northlands is truly a unique and special experience whether you have any knowledge or experience in the agricultural history of Alberta. Guests from around the world gather to show and sell their very best livestock. Held in the month of November, visitors can enjoy themselves perusing around to shop for unique western apparel, leather goods, home décor, art, and food.
  • Amazing Agriculture – an educational and free program that is designed for children to learn about Alberta’s exciting and healthful agricultural industry. Specifically designed to educate and familiarize fourth graders with where their food comes from, the Amazing Agriculture is a one-of-a-kind experience. It focuses on providing fun and interactive stations for students to understand how their food is produced.

K-Days – It is Edmonton’s biggest summer festival that is held in the month of July at Northlands. It is a giant fun-fair that has live music and entertainment, scrumptious carnival foods, indoor shopping and attractions, contests and promotions, and much, much more. Don’t forget the K-Days rodeo that will bring you so much action, your summer will be filled with the talk of spending your day at the K-Days fair.