fort edmonton park

Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park

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Fort Edmonton Park is a historical attraction with wholesome entertainment for the entire family. Its history goes all the way back to 1915 when interest to maintain old structures to be cherished in the future for its heritage value was renewed.

The park is located 20 minutes from the Chateau Lacombe, nestled on 158 acres of wooded parkland. It is rebuilt as an effort to showcase the transition of Edmonton’s growth throughout the years within four different eras. Fort Edmonton Park now includes the evolution of Edmonton’s history in all its loveliness during 1846, 1885, 1905, and 1920.

From the comforts of Chateau Lacombe, you can begin your journey to old Edmonton at the 1846 Hudson’s Bay fort during Edmonton’s fur trading era. There are demonstrations of heritage skills such as beading, boat building, and more.

Next, embark on a journey to the settlement era of 1885 where there are horse-drawn wagon rides, animals at the local farm, and fun to be had at the old saloon. You will be amazed at the turn of the century exhibitions of the local general and drug stores, as well as the streets where you and your family can roam.

After that, discover the sights of the streets of 1905 and visit the home of Alberta’s first Premier, Alexander Cameron Rutherford and learn first-hand how the residents of Edmonton lived at the turn of the century. You’ll also find remarkable fun catching a ride on the historic streetcar to go tour the fire hall and municipal offices.

Lastly, embark on a voyage to 1920 by enjoying a short film at the Capitol Theatre. Stop by the Hotel Selkirk, Johnson’s Café, Bill’s Confectionary, and the Mahogany Room Bar to enjoy some delightful and charming hospitality.

When your visit comes to a close, you and your family can be certain that a comfortable rest awaits you back in your suite at the Chateau Lacombe. We will do our very best to ensure that you feel right at home with your stay as you sprawl out in one of our queen or king-sized mattresses.