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Art Gallery of Alberta

Art Gallery of Alberta

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Take a drive 10 minutes from Chateau Lacombe, and you’ll find yourself at a loss and in awe of the beauty and creativity that is housed within the Art Gallery of Alberta. With over 6000 works of art, the Art Gallery of Alberta houses a large collection of art that was produced after the 1950s.

The gallery itself is a public sphere that is acting as a resource and research facility, therefore there are new collections and exhibitions to be added to be enjoyed. The collections include many photographs, installations, sculptures, as well as paintings from contemporary and historical Alberta artists and other Canadian artists.

The 85,000 square feet of space is home to the foray of regional, national, and international curations. The opportunities to learn and explore are endless with the galleries’ three full floors of premiere exhibition space. There is also a restaurant, a gallery shop, and a 150 seat theatre within the building, which in itself is a piece of art to be enjoyed. The renowned architect had constructed the renovated gallery building in 2010 with its modern designs and unconventional architecture.

If you appreciate the refinery of art galleries or want to help inspire your young ones to find their creativity and joy in art, the gallery has plenty to offer in educating everyone in your family. You can be certain that you will learn a great deal in the history of art in Alberta, as well as Canada.

This art museum located in Sir Winston Churchill Square is incredibly distinct, demonstrating the museum's commitment to contemporary art. The Art Gallery of Alberta boasts an immense collection of locally curated art for art enthusiasts and curious visitors with permanent installments and new gallery installments alike. Find admission prices and hours of operation on The Art Gallery of Alberta website.

When you are staying with us at the Chateau Lacombe, be sure to plan a trip out to attend one of the many events that are held at the Art Gallery of Alberta. They are hosts to youth programs, art nights, live music events, as well as film nights. There are also family and toddler programs, as well as activities targeted for the 6-12, and 13-17 age groups. And, don’t forget the bit for fun for adults as well!