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Decadent House Desserts

remarkable beginnings
  The Crowne Breakfast
Two farm fresh eggs any style with double-smoked bacon, sausage or maple ham & toast
  Three Egg Omelette
Add your choice of wild mushrooms, maple ham, green peppers or tomato
  Monte Cristo
House made brioche, black forest ham & domestic swiss cheese
  Eggs Benedict
Canadian maple back bacon, or smoked salmon topped with hollandaise sauce
  6oz *Spring Creek Ranch Flat Iron Steak & Eggs
Two eggs any style, Spring Creek Ranch steak served with sautéed onions & toast
*Spring Creek Ranch beef is growth-hormone, antibiotic free
  Early Morning Buffet
Assorted fruit yoghurt, hot oatmeal, cold assorted cereals, house prepared pastries, pastries, maple sausages, double smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, crepes or pancakes, smoked salmon, assorted imported cheeses, assorted deli meats & fresh fruit
Full Buffet Cold Buffet
*To compliment your breakfast, all meals are served with
your choice of breakfast potatoes OR sliced fresh tomatoes

  Resiprocate” Fair Trade , Certified Organic Freshly Brewed Coffee
Regular or Decaffeinated
  Cappuccino, Latte, Café Americano
Double Shot add $2.00
  Organic Blended or Herbal Tea
Red rose, gun powder green, roi bois,
  Fruit Juice
orange, apple, grapefruit, tomato or cranberry
  Hot Chocolate
served with whipped cream

small beginnings
White, whole wheat, rye, multi grain or English muffin served with butter & fruit preserves
  Buttery Croissant or Freshly Baked Muffin
Baked fresh in house daily, served with butter & fruit preserves
  Freshly Baked Danish
Prepared in house daily. Choose from lemon, apple or cherry served with butter & fruit preserves
  Bagel & Cream Cheese
Plain, sesame, cinnamon & raisin, or multigrain served with butter & fruit preserves
*add smoked salmon, capers and red onions $5 .00
  Assortment of Cold Cereals
Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, Rice Crispies, Special K, Fruit Loops or Muselix, served with whole, 2%, 1%, skim or soy milk
  Hot Cereals
Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat served with whole milk, plump raisins, & brown sugar
  Half Grapefruit & English Muffin
Ripe half grapefruit served with an English muffin with butter & preserves
  Fruit Flavoured Bles-Wold Yoghurt Parfait
Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach & Plain yogurt layered with granola
*side of maple sausage *double smoked bacon *black forest ham *local potato hash

a sweet start
  Hazelnut Crunch
Hazelnut crusted brioche french toast served with nutella
  House Prepared Brioche French Toast
Stuffed with light cream cheese & berry compote
  Buttermilk Pancakes
Milk chocolate chips, saskatoon berry butter, fruit compote & whipped cream atop fluffy buttermilk pancakes
  Multi Grain Waffles
Orange ginger butter, maple toasted pecans, maple syrup & whipped cream
It is our pleasure to accommodate any food allergies or special dietary needs.
Please make your requests with your server
It is our pleasure to accommodate any food allergies or special dietary needs.
Please make your requests with your server