Reception Stations
Carving Stations are staffed by one of our Chefs for 2 hours

Hip of Beef
served with herb-garlic sauce
includes kaiser rolls and condiments
$13.00 per Guest/Serves 100

Maple Glazed Whole Smoked Ham
$160.00/Serves 40 Guests

Roast Tenderloin of Beef
served with béarnaise & grainy mustard sauce
$20.00 per Guest (100 g per Guest)


Rosemary and Garlic Marinated Lamb Leg
served with natural mint jus
$12.00 per Guest

Roasted Turkey
served with cranberry-mustard relish and natural jus
$11.00 per Guest

Roasted Striploin of Beef
served with peppercorn sauce
$15.00 per Guest (100 g per Guest)

Just Pasta
Please choose two varieties each of Pasta and Sauce
Penne, Farfalle, Fusilli, Orecchiette, Fettuccini
Porcini Cream, Chunky Tomato Basil,
Seafood Newberg,
Garlic and Basil Pesto, Alfredo,
Alberta Beef Bolognaise
Served with Assorted Breads
$12.00/ per Guest
Steamed and Pan-Seared Shellfish Station
P.E.I. Steamed Mussels
in a red curry, coconut & coriander broth
New Brunswick Clams
in a spicy tomato basil, garlic fondue
Pan-seared Tiger Shrimp, Queen Scallops & Lobster
in a saffron cream
$32.00 per Guest

Smoked Salmon
Side of Smoked Salmon or Cured Salmon
with condiments & assorted breads
$200.00/Serves 20 Guests

(Labour Charge of $100.00 per station)

Prices do not include 17% Gratuity or 5% GST. Prices subject to Change.