Beverage Service
The Crowne Plaza® Chateau Lacombe is pleased to offer both Cash and Host Bar arrangements.  Should you require a Host Bar, all beverage charges will be automatically billed to your master account. For Cash Bars, guests will purchase tickets from a Cashier provided by the Hotel.
Regular Bar Brand Liquor (1 oz.)
Caesars & Screwdrivers (1 oz.)
Premium Brand Liquor (1 oz.)
Deluxe Brand Liquor (1 oz.)
Aperitifs (2 oz.)
Liqueurs (1 oz.)
House Wine (6 oz.)
Premium Liqueurs & Cognacs
Canadian Beer
Imported Beer
Wine Coolers
Soft Drinks
Mineral Water
Host Bar
Cash Bar
$50.00 per gallon *One gallon of punch yields
$95.00 per gallon twenty-six 6oz glasses
$115.00 per gallon

We have included 5% GST in our Cash Bar prices.
Both 15% gratuity and 5% GST will be applied to all Host Bars.

The Crowne Plaza® Chateau Lacombe will provide trained Bartenders, ice, mix and glasses. Should your Bar Sales
not exceed $350.00 a labour charge of $20.00 per hour, per bartender will be applied to your account.
(minimum of four (4) hours each)

Corkage Fees
You may supply the beverage items for your event from an AGLC approved store. An AGLC Special Permit must
be received by the Hotel prior to the event, along with attached receipt of purchase. The Hotel will supply ice, soft
drinks, glassware, ice and bar condiments at the rates listed below. Hotel bartenders must be hired to dispense the items.

Full corkage, Client supplies all liquor, beer
and wine for the function
Beer and Wine only
$16.00 per guest plus 15% gratuity and 5% GST
$8.00 per guest plus 15% gratuity and 5% GST