Banquet Appetizers
Hot Appetizers
Ragout of Woodland Mushrooms
in a pastry shell on a red wine jus
  Cold Appetizers
Country House Pate
with peppercorns & fruit compote
Pan-Seared Atlantic Salmon Fillet
with snow crab on a champagne chive cream sauce
  Salmon Terrine
with bay scallops & shrimp on curry red pepper coulis
Seafood in a Pastry Shell - Baby Shrimp, Bay Scal-
lops, Mussels & Salmon
with tomato vermouth cream
  Antipasto Plate
sliced italian meats, grilled peppers, eggplant, zucchini with sliced tomatoes, dusted with parmesan cheese & herbs

Mushroom Turnover
with field greens tossed in a shallot vinaigrette


Four Cheese Ravioli
tossed in a chunky tomato & basil sauce


(Palate Refresher Prior to Entrée)

Strawberry Basil
Local Rhubarb & Saskatoon
Berry Mango
Honey Chamomile
Earl Grey & Lemon

Prices do not include 17% Gratuity or 5% GST. Prices subject to Change.